Zoom Lady Baa Baa Tote Bag
Zoom Lady Baa Baa Tote Bag

Lady Baa Baa Tote Bag


Product description:

Lady Baa Baa makes her debut in our expanded collection of tote bags. There's a knitter you know who'd love to have this pink and provocative tote.

The bag is made of 10 oz canvas.

15" wide x 15.5" high x 3" deep. Handles 1" x 27". 


Shipping Fees

1 Tote £ 6.90
2+ Totes FREE


 Shipments may take up to 10 business days.

We have also experienced instances where an order may take upwards of a month to deliver. Not all tracking events may be represented in real-time, and this causes a shipment to appear stalled at a particular place/event. There are also other factors beyond our control that may extend the delivery window, including but not limited to:

   • Packages being handled by multiple carriers.

   • Postal Services department processing time

For these reasons, we are unable to guarantee a delivery date with certainty for international deliveries.


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Lady Baa Baa Tote Bag